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Q: Can I get refund on anything I buy?

A: We offer a 30 day guarantee, if you are not satisfied with a particular product, subject certain terms and conditions, detailed below:

For a single e-book, we will refund your money and you need to promise that you will delete the file that you downloaded.

For a single video course, once a refund has been processed, you will be removed from the course and will no longer have access to the video curriculum of the refunded course.  The free extras that you may get with some video courses are yours to keep, without a promise to delete them.

Bulk packages, special offers and super discount offers are not included in the Refund Policy.

Below is the Refund and Fair Use Policy from the Terms and Conditions of Service document:

6.0 Refunds and Guarantees

6.1 Course-Point.com agrees to give you 30 days to evaluate a single Video course or a single e-book. If you find that in this time the product is not of your liking or suitable to your needs, then you need to contact Support via the Contact page and submit a form.  Allow 48 hours for a response.

6.2 Should the request for a refund be granted, then in the case of a Video course, your authorisation to view it will be revoked immediately and you will not have any further access to it via the course curriculum page.

6.3 Most video courses have a free introductory unit, which you can view before deciding to purchase the course.  After purchasing the course, you are allowed to view the first paid for unit and take the first paid for quiz only to qualify for a refund.  Therefore, a refund will only be issued if you have not commenced viewing a second paid for unit of the course.

6.4 In the case of an e-book, then we will refund the amount and require a confirmation that you have deleted the e-book from your storage.

6.5 From time to time we will have bulk product package offers, special offers and super discount offers, each of which are not bound by the 30 day refund guarantee, but will have their own guarantee conditions. It is up to you to review these conditions before purchasing.

7.0 Fair Use Policy

7.1 Course-Point.com allows you to request a refund for any of it’s products within a given time frame and according to the conditions mentioned above.

7.2 Our Fair Use Policy however will limit how many times you can request refunds.  You will only be allowed one refund for a single Video course and/or E-book within a two month period.  This means you need to be sure that you want to purchase this product and are confident that it will be suited to your needs.

7.3 Continual requests for refunds from repeat customers could end with their accounts being terminated and IP blocked from using Course-Point.com.  This would end any access to purchased courses and no further refund will be given.



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