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Leadership Authority – Video Course



These days, it is common for most people to at some point be
thrust into a leadership role. And I say ‘thrust’ because most of us
never asked for it and never wanted it.

Leadership seems to only attract a certain type of person but
unfortunately, you need to be in charge of others in many
industries if you’re going to increase your salary and earn a bigger
pay check. It’s not until you start managing others, that you reach
the higher pay band and the perks that go with this.

But if you’re not naturally inclined toward leadership, this can be
tough going. This is precisely why we get so many sub-par
managers and unhappy offices. What do you expect when the
person in charge doesn’t really want to be there and just finds this
whole thing very, very stressful?

The question is: how can you make sure that you are more like
those heroes you admire and less like those stuffy managers that
you dread?


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