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SHS002 – Success Habits – Video course


“Discover The Steps On How You Can Redefine Success, Break Free From Bad Habits, And Achieve Your Full Potential”

You’ll Learn The Secrets To Finally Take Control Of Your Life And Achieve The Success You Deserve

Dear friend,

Have you ever wondered why some people are successful and some aren’t?

What is it that successful people do that you aren’t doing?

What are the habits that they possess that you aren’t aware of?

What are the character traits that successful people have that you could adopt?

Do you want to finally eliminate your bad habits and form new and good habits instead?

If you ever wondered and said ‘yes’ to any of the above, then read on…


Two-Thirds of Americans Are Unhappy

According to a Harris Poll, two-thirds of Americans are unhappy with their life.

Most people have not achieved their goals, and are not on track the way that they would like.

That’s why the self-help industry is bringing in more than $10 billion a year.

People pay exorbitant amounts of money for personal coaching, self-help books, seminars, audio presentations and DVDs to help them achieve their goals, and most of the time, they fail at whatever they are trying to achieve, which puts them right back in the market for self-help.


What’s The Solution?

Everyone wants to be more successful in their life, but actually knowing how to take the steps needed to achieve that success can be mystifying.

Even when you understand what is required, it can be extremely challenging to take action unless you know where you are going.

Most people stumble blindly along, not understanding why they continue to fail at their efforts.

The good news is, I’ve written a guide to help you turn bad habits into good habits so that you’ll experience success in all areas of your life.

It’s easy to understand so you can read through and take action right away.

Let me introduce you to our brand new guide:


Success Habits

Redefine Success, Break Free From Bad Habits, And Achieve Your Full Potential

Course Curriculum

SHB002 – 1: 5 Ways to Make Success Habits Permanently Ingrained 00:02:18
This unit will discuss 5 ways to make success habits a fixed part of your daily life.
SHB002 – Quiz 01 00:10:00
Success Habits Video Course
SHB002 – 2: The 4 Secret Habits of Every Successful Person 00:02:30
This unit will reveal 4 secrets habits from the lives of successful people.
SHB002 – Quiz 02 00:10:00
SHB002 – 3: 6 Tips to Starting a New Habit for Success 00:02:24
This unit will give you 6 tips on how you can start implementing new habits for success in your life.
SHB002 – Quiz 03 00:10:00
SHB002 – 4: The 5 Science-Based Secret to Sticking with New Habits 00:02:21
This unit will discuss proven ways that you can help yourself in sticking to new formed success habits.
SHB002 – Quiz 04 00:10:00
SHB002 – 5: 8 Strategies for Overcoming Obstacles to Success 00:02:30
This unit will highlight the kinds of obstacles people face when trying to start new success habits.
SHB002 – Quiz 05 00:10:00
SHB002 – 6: 10 Daily Reminders to Stick with Habits for Success 00:03:00
This unit will detail 10 ways to remind yourself to stick to your new success habits.
SHB002 – Quiz 6 00:10:00
SHB002 – 7: The Top 5 Tips to Trick Your Brain into Forming Successful Habits 00:02:24
This unit will show you ways in which to trick your brain to form new success habits.
SHB002 – Quiz 7 00:10:00
SHB002 – 8: 6 Unique Methods for Overcoming Procrastination for Success 00:02:30
This unit will discuss 6 ways of overcoming procrastination and putting things off for tomorrow.
SHB002 – Quiz 8 00:10:00
SHB002 – 9: The 4 Secret Things That Are Keeping You from Successful Habits 00:02:27
This unit will reveal 4 things that might be keeping you from starting and keeping up with your success habits.
SHB002 – Quiz 9 00:10:00
SHB002 – 10: 9 Mind-Blowing Tips to Achieve Any Habit For Success You Want 00:03:00
This unit will reveal 9 tips on how to achieve any success habits that you want to start.
SHB002 – Quiz 10 00:10:00

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  1. Just what I wanted


    This is a good course, which although it’s short, it takes time to actually implement what it’s teaching. Definitely a must for all those people who are constantly falling behind!

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