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Course-point.com was developed from the simple idea of people helping themselves and helping others at the same time.  It’s nothing revolutionary and not a ground-breaking concept, that was unheard of before.

At Course-Point.com, we provide e-courses and e-books to help people reach different milestones in their lives.  Our students will find value in some of our courses, as they provide answers to issues that they are dealing with at that particular time in their lives.  At the same time, we also donate 15% of all our profits to social development charities around the world.  So each students that buys an e-course or an e-book from Course-Point.com, they will be helping another person somewhere else in the world to get access to some level of social development and a chance to move forward in this, at times, difficult world.

Some of the projects we aim to support are:

1. Helping children and adults with learning disabilities, 
2. Providing educational facilities and equipment to children and adults who have limited access
3. Increasing chances of social mobility of people from deprived backgrounds
4. Mental health charities
5. Disability charities
6. Micro-finance initiatives

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